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Loei Art Fes (LAF) 2021 was successfully taken place.

LAF 2021 would not be successful without our dearest Dansai community, our partners, co-creators, sponsors, artists, and all of you.

With the gratitude of our shared spirits across the borders, we look forward to seeing you again in Loei Art Fes (LAF) 2023. :)

LAF 2021

Our partner

Sense Connect is an arts and culture consulting agency based in Hong Kong, with outlets in Tokyo and Kyoto. Sense Connect's services range from public relations, to project design and management. They also run multiple education programs to foster conversations about cultures.

In the wild is a multidisciplinary creative agency with offices in Singapore and a sub-branch in London, providing services for both project design and media coverage.

Our co-creators & sponsors

LAF 2021 Programs


LAF Curation

_Sticky Rice_ (2021), Gerald Leow

Phi Ta Khon Abstraction


Butterfly of Dreams

_ขวัญเอยขวัญมา (Summoning Blessings)_ (2021), TAM_DA

Summoning Blessings

LAF Wall of Wishes

Dansai Chef's Table

3Cs Tai Dan Intervention

LAF Wall of Wishes

Because our vision is to address social issues by utilizing three key factors: democratization, decentralization, and inclusion. Therefore, Low Fat Art Fes Vol.4: or LAF 2021 works on 7 art collaborations covering many aspects and a diverse group of local participants from various ages and disciplines to build up and nurture the local art environment.

To see our art-based action research activities which are part of our ongoing long-term community engagement,

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