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Let's celebrate the spirits of Loei

An international contemporary art festival in Loei, Province, Thailand, and online

23 July - 1 August 2021

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Loei Art Fes or LAF is

a contemporary art festival celebrating Loei spirits.


Still a little vague?

Let us explain more in detail!

What’s our term of ‘contemporary art’ ?

Our definition of ‘contemporary art’ is the art that conveys present-day narratives and sticks to no specific form. It can be a cross-over of various media

- and most importantly, inclusive.


LLoei is ready to be creative city because

  • Loei is richful in cultural heritage.

  • Loei has many active citizens.

  • Loei has active civil sectors.

  • Loei has diversity of economic system.

  • There are public transportation systems directly to Loei.

  • Loei has a spotlight on international political issues and international relations.





Some of you might wonder why we moved to Loei? Loei is a province that has high potential to be an art & creative city. We will tell you mainly 6 reasons why it has to be LOEI?

What we actually trying to do is?

we wanna INVEST our spirits & soul, our skills, our time to create the society in which art will be more valued and well managed by capital administrative office.

See more about our

long-term community engagement process.

The theme

for LAF 2021 'SPIRITS'

SPIRIT is the center of everything.

It is our ROOTS.

It connects us together as a strong social bond. It is super contemporary, free,

and could appear in any form while leaving its trace in everything surrounding us.

The theme

for LAF 2021 'SPIRITS'

Multidisciplinary & contemporary works of art will be performed and exhibited at the festival.

To be clearer, LAF will be a space to exhibit the results of our projects which

we have been incubating with artists and

local civil sectors.

See the vibe of the festival we had done in 2019.

When will LAF take place?

23 July - 1 August 2021

in Dansai and Muang district, Loei Province, Thailand

with online showcases.

We are truly concerned about the pandemic and have, very much so, been affected by it. However, we still aim to achieve our goals and are ready to adapt if needed.

Oh no!
But what about COVID-19?

Come LAF with us!

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