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LAF 2021 Programs

3Cs Tai Dan Intervention

The Creators’ Cradle Circuit (3Cs) is a hybrid festival and platform organized by Karakoa for emerging Asian creators that is designed to connect them with artists and communities in cities across Asia. The 3Cs explore models of what a transnational mobile festival can be; whose aim is to help develop original works and connect artists with other arts practitioners and communities across Asia through:

In this edition of 2021, we teamed up with Karakoa to collaborate on the online residency in the Dansai district for 6 artist teams from Tokyo, Lampung, Manila, Taipei, and Bangkok. Each of them had explored their artistic journey in Dan Sai, Loei, Thailand while international traveling is far from possible.


名取川 / NATORIGAWA / แม่น้ำลักนาม

A Presentation & Showcase by:

Kishodai Kageyama (Japan)
Geta Hiyori (Japan)
Kwin Bhichitkul (Thailand)


Choreographing in the Cloud: Presence & Dan Sai Book

Presentations & Showcases by:

Buboy Raquitico (The Philippines)
Nuttamon Pramsumran (Thailand)


"Load?" the Dialogue

A presentation & showcase by:

Ayu Permata Sari (Indonesia)


Stone is not Stone

A Presentation & Showcase by:

Chanapon Komkham (Bangkok, Thailand)
Arnuparp Jantakaew (Dansai district, Loei province, Thailand)


An Experiment in Music Tele-Inheritance

A presentation & showcase by:

Yasuno Miyauchi (Japan)


Nyu Shu Movement

A presentation & showcase by:

Chou Kuan-Jou (Taiwan)
Chen Yi-Chin (Taiwan)

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