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The world has faced challenges, hardships, and even losses since last year due to the global pandemic. Some of us are still dealing with it, while others may have already overcome the peak. As tough as it was, it has definitely united us as fellow mankind and has connected humanity despite different ethnicities, cultures or beliefs. To maintain the positive energy where we can heal and support each other,  we would like to invite you to be part of our online participative exhibition, LAF Wall of Wishes, by sending us your wishes.  The exhibition also marks the closing of Loei Art Fes (LAF 2021) this year.

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From 25th August - 4th September 12.00 PM (noon)  (GMT+7), send us your wish via the online form at the button below.
We will connect your wish to ‘Si Song Rak’ Stupa -- a Buddhist stupa in Dansai, symbolising hope and friendship. And exhibit them anonymously online through our website www.lowfatartfes.com. (Visitors may visit Wall of Wishes on our website from 29th August.)

Our inspiration for the theme “Hope and Friendship” stems from the history of Dansai town in Loei which represents the relationship between Thailand and Laos for over 400 years through the ancient Si Song Rak stupa. Every full moon and new moon, the Dansai spiritual leader will do a worship ceremony showing respect and gratitude to the stupa. It is believed to provide positive energy and moral support for any visitor of all religions and beliefs to gain resilience and blessings for a well and fortunate life.

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In the upcoming new moon, Loei Art Fes will compile all of your wishes to be part of the Si Song Rak worship ceremony.

We truly hope that this activity will make your wish come true and bring back everyone’s hope. : )